Blueball FreeStack Responsive Theme & Stacks Bundle For Rapidweaver! Design Outside The Box!

FreeStack Responsive Theme

Create responsive site layouts the way you want them to be. Design outside the box!

Get The Blueball FreeStack Responsive Rapidweaver Theme.


Responsive: YES

Works With
RapidWeaver 7!

Current Version: 2.3.0
Price: 19.95 USD


RapidWeaver® 7, 6, or 5.3.2+
Stacks 3 compatible
Stacks Plugin 2.5+

Power Up Your Design Layout With Our FreeStack Responsive Add-On Packs Stack Bundles!

FreeStack Responsive Theme & Stacks Bundle!

The FreeStack Responsive blank stacks theme is a full featured responsive RapidWeaver® theme with theme variations and theme styles, that comes with 22 responsive stacks. All for just $19.95!

Design and Create Thousands of Responsive Site Layouts Using One FreeStack Responsive Theme!

Create and build literally any responsive site layout design you can think of with FreeStack Responsive. You start with a blank Stacks page, apply the FreeStack Responsive theme to your page and set your theme variations. Then add in your FreeStack Responsive stacks placing your page elements wherever you want them to be on your page.

Since you are not locked into a preset grid system, you are only limited by your imagination as to what you can create and build with the FreeStack Responsive theme and stacks!

FreeStack Responsive Works Great With Virtually All Third Party Responsive Stacks!

You can also use the 100s of third party responsive stacks too on your FreeStack Responsive site pages to add more power options to your site layout!

Discover the design power of FreeStack Responsive!

FreeStack Responsive is used today on thousands of RapidWeaver® sites of all kinds. If you're tired of being locked into traditional RapidWeaver theme layouts, move your responsive site design "outside-the-box" with the FreeStack Responsive theme and stacks!

Your FreeStack Responsive download includes:

Blueball FreeStack Responsive.rwtheme file

22 FreeStack Responsive stacks:

FreeStack R 2Columns.stack
FreeStack R 3Columns.stack
FreeStack R Breadcrumb.stack
FreeStack R Contact Plus.stack
FreeStack R FileShare stack
FreeStack R Fixed Height stack
FreeStack R Footer.stack
FreeStack R iFrame stack
FreeStack R Image BG.stack
FreeStack R Image.stack
FreeStack R Logo stack

FreeStack R Max Width.stack
FreeStack R NavMenu Res1.stack
FreeStack R NavMenu Res2.stack
FreeStack R Sidebar.stack
FreeStack R Slogan.stack
FreeStack R Styler stack
FreeStack R Title.stack
FreeStack R Transparent.stack
FreeStack R Tumblr Limited.stack
FreeStack R Twitter Button.stack
FreeStack R Twitter Share.stack

3 Very Helpful FreeStack Responsive Readme Files

Blueball_FreeStackR_Readmev2.3 pdf (User's Manual - A MUST READ!) Blueball_FreeStackR_CustomImgsv2.3.pdf

3 Extras Folders With Custom Images Inside


(Use with Custom Body Background Image theme variations 1 -10)


(Use with Custom Body Background Image theme variations 11 - 20)


(Use with FreeStack R Res2 NavMenu stack)

The Blueball FreeStack Responsive theme is unique in its feature set and how it works in conjunction with the included FreeStack Responsive stacks to create your site layout.

Built-In Theme Variations:

3 Global Font Sizes
16 Content Custom Font Styles
17 Headline Custom Font Styles
17 Nav Menu Custom Font Styles
3 Sidebar Header Alignments
3 Footer Text Alignments
3 Link Underline Styling Options
21 Custom Body Background Image Options
2 Body Background Image Repeat (tiling) Options
25 Custom Color Pickers
8 Preset Custom Theme Styles

For more details on the FreeStack Responsive theme and its theme variations, please see pages 8 & 9 in the FreeStack Responsive user's manual PDF file.

Please download all 3 FreeStack Responsive readme files to see what the FreeStack Responsive theme and its stacks has to offer.


Instead of demo sites or examples, check out real live RapidWeaver® sites created by FreeStack Responsive theme users in our FreeStack Responsive Site Showcase page.

Get your design on and be inspired by the remarkable sites other FreeStack Responsive theme users have created using the same identical FreeStack Responsive theme and its stacks. They show what incredible sites can be built with FreeStack Responsive using some creative thinking outside the box.

Featuring Awesome FreeStack Responsive Sites Built By Other Rapidweaver Users!

The Blueball FreeStack Responsive theme and stacks support the following browsers:

Safari iOS
Internet Explorer 8+
iPhone 4 + 5 + 6
iPad 2 + 3

*Note that any responsive third party stacks that use CSS3 styling or modern custom scripts added into FreeStack Responsive page layouts may not be supported, function, or display correctly in Internet Explorer 8.

Now you can get the FreeStack Responsive theme and stacks bundle, FreeStack Responsive Add-Ons Pack 1 stacks bundle, and FreeStack Responsive Add-Ons Pack 2 stacks bundle all together for just $35.95!
A savings of $8.00* off the regular price.

*This offer is only available on this special combination offer. It is not available on any single FreeStack Responsive product.


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