Find out all about what goes on behind the scene at Blueball Design.
Find out all about what goes on behind the scene at Blueball Design.

We are known for our high quality original product design and support.

Blueball Design is a small creative shop based in Waxhaw, North Carolina that has been developing products for RapidWeaver® since January 2005, and Sandvox® since January 2006. Our themes, designs, stacks, and RW/Writer web app have been used on thousands of RapidWeaver® and Sandvox® sites of all kinds.

Meet the main guy behind the scene at Blueball Design

Most days you can find Charlie creating and coding themes, designs, stacks, and websites while gulping down gallons of coffee and ice tea. If he's lucky he gets some down time every now and then to spend time with his family and dog, read a good book, take a long walk in the woods, or crash in his hammock thinking up the next big thing to try.

Some things to know about Blueball Design that might surprise people.

Blueball Design is the longest running active theme, stacks, and design developer for both RapidWeaver® and Sandvox®. Staying up with new releases of each program has been challenging but exciting to do.

Since January 2005 I've created over 300+ commercial and custom RapidWeaver® themes, including the best selling FreeStack and FreeStack Responsive themes and stacks, and over 100+ commercial stacks for RapidWeaver®.

Since January 2006 I've created over 220+ commercial Sandvox® designs and around 30 custom Sandvox designs.

What's Great About Being a Rapidweaver and Sandvox Developer.

One of the most enjoyable and interesting aspects about creating products for RapidWeaver® and Sandvox® are the people I've gotten to meet from all parts of the world that build web sites using our stuff. I still get amazed and humbled every day seeing the incredible sites that people design and create.


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